Manufacturers and Suppliers of Electro-Optic Components

Brewster Dispersing Prisms

This simple device, usually manufactured in a high index glass such as SF10, provides an elegant way of compensating for the inevitable dispersion which occurs inside ultra-fast laser cavities such as Ti:Sapphire fs lasers. For an explanation of how to use such prisms and the benefits, I refer you to this guide from Wikipedia (which puts it all far more eloquently than I could)!

Compressing Optical Pulses with Dispersing Prisms


Leysop can provide these components in various apertures and materials as you require; standard sizes are 12 and 18mm high prisms. We also manufacture larger prisms and can make custom sizes as you require. We welcome enquiries from laser manufacturers for all small to large volume requirements. Our manufacturing techniques provide extreme close matching of apex angle, even down to arc-second precision which is required to ensure pure displacement and minimum beam deviation in your cavity

This is just one example of the custom optical components which Leysop manufactures for the laser equipment community. Please feel free to enquire with us for your other plano-optics requirements

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