Manufacturers and Suppliers of Electro-Optic Components

Cutting and Optical Polishing Services

Example of 25mm diameter substrates being polished Leysop employs a number of highly skilled optical polishing technicians, each with many years of experience of cutting and polishing of a varied range of materials. Using mainly hand polishing techniques for the ultimate control of surface finish and figure, optical surfaces may be routinely produced to better than lambda/10 (633nm) and laser finish scratch-dig of better than 10-5. A wide variety of substrates may be polished and our technicians have experience of materials from the softest (ADP, KD*P) to some of the hardest optical materials (ruby, sapphire, germanium). In fact, the water soluble crystals present special challenges for the optical polisher (for obvious reasons)! Our staff however can produce the highest quality laser grade surfaces as demanded by use in high power laser systems.

Example of laser rod refurbishing We are very happy to offer contract cutting and polishing services to meet your individual needs. Our equipment includes diamond saws, edging grinders for reducing diameters and producing discs and diamond core drilling. All of these are water free for working the specially critical water soluble crystals used in our Q-switches and modulators. These are all backed by our team of highly skilled technicans who can produce precision optical components to your specification. So please give us a call to discuss your requirements. No job is too big or too small. Although much of our work is optical production based, much of our capacity is also available for those small jobs, perhaps manufacturing a special prism in small quantities, or re-working a laser rod which has suffered optical damage. Please try to send us a drawing of what you need if possible; a picture really does paint a thousand words!

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